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Small Carved Wooden Bats

Small Carved Wooden Bats


These small carved wooden bats are great, classic, and simple looking pipes. You can not beat the simplicity of these bats! They are small, about 4 inches long, and are great for on the go discreet smoking. The bowl fits about the same, maybe a little more, than a standard one-hitter. Very easy to use, just pack and smoke! These bats are also very easy to clean, just grab any average pipe cleaner and run it all the way through the pipe until it is sufficiently clean. Keep this piece maintained and regularly cleaned and it could last you a lifetime.

These bats come in two colors: black or brown. So please specify which color you would like when you order!

The history of wooden pipes is an extensive one. Europe has a particularity strong history with wooden pipes. The Czech Republic and other countries have been producing and selling wooden pipes with detailed designs locally for hundreds and hundreds of years. To learn more about the history of wooden pipes visit our pipe school blog posts here.