Welcome to the Pipe School!

Pipe School is an evolving resource for information on smoking devices and products. At SunflowerPipes.com we view the act of smoking as an artistic ritual. We believe that the ceremony of smoking is a calming, affirming act that can have profound social and spiritual benefits.


In this Pipe School tutorial, we discuss a great variety of products, including hand-blown glass pipes, inside out style pipes, single and double blown glass pipes, glass Fifka Pipes, hand-carved wooden pipes, metal pipes such as the Solo Pipe and the Japanese Kiseru, hand-blown glass bubblers like the glass hammer bubblers, the glass Sherlock bubblers, and the multiple-chamber glass bubblers, glass water pipes, wooden dugouts with metal bats,wooden vs. metal grinders, three and four-piece pollinators, rolling papers, including flavored rolling papers, clear cellulose papers, hemp papers, and rice papers.


We cover the basics on the best smoking products available today!

In addition to discussing these smoking products, Pipe School also has lots of information to offer the avid smoker who wants to step up his or her knowledge. At Pipe School we discuss, at length, the history of smoking pipe culture, from the ritualistic smoking practices of ancient Greece utilized by prominent figures like Hippokrates of Kos to the golden age of glass pipes in the late 70s and 80s. We discuss in detail the history of the art of glass blowing and common techniques used by glass blowers today. We cover methods of cleaning and maintaining a wide variety of pipes, and about what to look for when you’re buying any smoking pipe.

If you have anything you would like to add to Pipe School, or anything you would like to let us explore, then send us an email at support@sunflowerpipes.com. We welcome any feedback and ideas!! Pipe School is just one resource we have to offer and we encourage our users to stay current with new additions to our store. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr!