Glass Fifkas are an economical, playful glass pipe for the smoker who is looking for a smooth puff. New to the American market, Fifkas are found to be used for multiple purposes. They can be one hitter, small bowl, gorgeous pipe or cigarette holder. Their history is loose but can be tracked down to Eastern Europe, most specifically Poland or Czech Slovakia. Fifkas come in various colors and length to suit your choice. They have strikingly different hues and designs in comparison to their Indian, Chinese and Egyptian pipe makers.

A simple glass Fifka is very much like your basic cigarette holder, with a parallel bowl. With narrow stems and one hitter sized bowls, they run from an Inch short to 12 inches long. They are simple, yet elegant specimens. Using Fifkas with your rolled cigarette will proved you with smooth, clean inhales and no mess which is probably while Hunter S. Thompson was photographed so many times using one. Smoke filtered through glass is cooled down a bit, making it taste less aggressive when it reaches your throat. Lastly, your rolled cigarette doesn’t fall apart or burn your finger tips.

The V shaped and Dragon Fifkaswho’s shapes can be best compared to the elder colonial clay pipe or Japanese Kiseru, features a long stem and a comparatively small bowl. They occasionally feature decorative swoops and appendages, and colored glass is often swirled into their construction, lending them a playful, clownish quality. Many Fifkas also have bends in the stem: in addition to their decorative value, these twists can sometimes trap impurities, yielding a smoother smoke. Dragons have decorative scales and feet let these gorgeous pipes stand steady all on their own.

While not as rugged as dugouts, bubblers, or bats, Fifkas offer a much cooler smoking experience. The reason for this lies in their long stems and thin glass construction: as the smoke travels through the extended shaft, it releases a lot of its heat and some of its tar. Consequently, by the time it is actually inhaled, it has been transformed from a hot, harsh smoke into a smoother, more refreshing vapor. Because of this, they are often used as cigarette holders, particularly for hand-rolled or non-filtered cigarettes.

To ensure the highest quality of smoke, it is important to regularly clean glass Fifkas. As their cool walls allow smoke to release some of its tar and particulate matter, these impurities can collect on the sides of the piece. They then block the flow of air, reducing the effectiveness of the Fifka and imparting a bad taste to the smoke. Consequently, glass Fifkas need to be swabbed out with a pipe cleaner after every use and should be regularly cleaned with either rubbing alcohol or a pipe cleaning solution.

For the discerning smoker who is tired of the same old glass bats, glass bubblers, and wooden dugouts, Fifkas are an outstanding choice. With their playful, whimsical designs, they impart a little style and distinction to the art of smoking while offering a level of convenience that is comparable and in some cases surpasses the more common bowls. More important, in addition to lending an exotic note to a smoker’s collection, they offer an extremely smoother more convenient smoke!