Bubblers are a type of water pipe. Bubblers are often made of Pyrex glass and are larger than the average pipe. A glass bubbler consists of a bowl piece with a carburetor to release smoke from the chamber. Glass Bubblers operate very much like a glass pipes except they have water filtering capabilities. Glass bubblers are stylish heady pieces and they tend to be the pride of many glass collections.

Hammer bubblers are made of glass and are formed from two pieces of glass fused into a shape of a hammer. The glass bowl and chamber are fused to long stem that lies horizontal when placed to the smoker’s lips. Glass hammer bubblers incorporate the use of water and a carburetor. They are heavily decorated pieces and considered heady and for avid smokers.

The Glass Side Car Bubbler is similar to the hammer bubbler except the stem is attached to the side of the bowl chamber. The glass bowls body (which contains the pipes water) lies parallel to its chamber (which holds the pipes filtered smoke). These are good looking glass pieces; both unique and heady.

A Sherlock is a type of water smoking pipe that resembles the fabled calabash pipe used by actors playing fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. As opposed to a traditional “spoon” pipe, a Sherlock has a signature curve: from the mouth piece, the chamber curves down and around back up to the bowl in an ‘S’ shape. The inside out glass Sherlock is a popular type of glass bubbler. Sought by collectors, Glass Sherlock Bubblers are considered as heady or high end pieces because of their artistry and price. Glass Sherlock pipes are free standing usually made by fusing two independent glass works in the middle (the glass stem and mouth piece connects to the glass bowl piece.

Triple Chamber or Double Chamber Bubblers represents the amount of filtering a particular water pipe goes through. A second (or more) chamber(s) can be attached to a bubbler to multiply the filtration, for a smoother intake of smoke. It is rare to see these anywhere but a pipe shop because of their prohibitive price but these are great glass pieces to look at and great to smoke from.