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Big Green Bubbler

Big Green Bubbler


Prepare to be awed.

This Big Green Bubbler is as intricately patterned as it is functional. This design on this piece morphs from a snakeskin pattern to a crocodile design to a smooth, teal shaft. This big beauty is sure to provide its users with fat and satisfying clouds. This big green bubbler comes with an sizable bowl, good for a group session. This bubbler is perfect for everyday use, and appropriately, you’ll want to use it everyday.

The bottom lies wide and flat, allowing for more water content and stability when set down. Its design allows for more smoke to fill it with every rip, so get ready for some beautiful clouds. Your mouth will fit comfortably on its snake-head mouthpiece, while your finger finds its perfectly placed carb. If you’re in the market for a Slytherin-esque bubbler, you have surely found it!

As is the case with all bubblers, the user must fill the piece with water. The water plays a huge role in the cooling and filtering out unwanted toxins in the smoke, ultimately leading to a smoother and healthier smoking experience. The science behind this is fascinating. The cooling of the smoke makes the smoke less harsh, which means that the smoker can inhale more and cough less. The water filtration removes harmful compounds found in the smoke such as benzopyrene and other polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that are linked to cancer. Stay away from all that and grab yourself one of these green reptile-looking bubblers. We guarantee a jaw drop, so come look at this piece in person or have it shipped right to your door.