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Sunflower Engraved Wooden Pipe

Sunflower Engraved Wooden Pipe


A new addition to the sunflower family – a very beautiful sunflower engraved wooden pipe! This wood pipe is about 3 inches and will fit nicely in the palm of your hand. With a little maintenance this pipe could last you a lifetime. Equipped with a smaller-sized bowl, this little guy is perfect for some personal smoking time. You’ll certainly be pleased by the charming designs on this pipe that span from the top to all around the sides. This pipe radiates with personality from the shape to the carved sunflower surrounding the bowl.

Some may have inhibitions when purchasing a wooden pipe because of the giant question mark that comes along with it. How does one go about cleaning a wooden pipe? We have some tips! For more gunky residue, we suggest heating a poker or paper clip to do some initial scraping. Heat will be your friend! You can then get in there with a pipe cleaner that’s been dipped in some isopropyl or rubbing alcohol. Then rinse with cold water, the cold water will help prevent the pipe from absorbing any isopropyl or alcohol. This process should completely get the job done!

These come in two colors: black and tan