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Obsidian Crystal Pipe

Obsidian Crystal Pipe


This dark and brooding pipe, known as the Onyx Stone Crystal Pipe, may look like what Darth Vader would smoke out during his vacation, but make no mistake! Onyx is a stone known to absorb and shield the crystal bearer from negativity directed toward them. Kind of conflicting for Darth Vader, but we all know how the story ends for him.

Recently received some tragic news? The Onyx stone is used to relieve stress and alleviate confusion and grief. Crystal lovers have praised the Onyx stone as a protective totem when facing adversaries in conflicts of all kinds. Furthermore, Onyx has been known to suppress undesirable sexual impulses. These healing properties give your smoking apparatus a cosmic dimension for those of you that are spiritual smokers.

Looking to add a unique piece to your collection? Make this supportive Onyx stone pipe your new best friend and you’ll be taking smooth clean hits from a pipe like none other.

Stone pipes provide a cleaner hit than other pipes, and what could be more cleansing than a cleansing stone? Pick up this charming piece today!

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