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Frosty Midnight Glass Bubbler

Frosty Midnight Glass Bubbler


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The Frosty Midnight Glass Bubbler is rich in color and texture. This hammer style piece is hand blown with full-color jewel-toned borosilicate glass and sandblasted to a frosty finish that feels oh so good on your lips. The opaque hues will keep it looking clean throughout its life! The hammer head and the stem both have purple glass wrapped around them for a neat aesthetic touch and also to provide a more secure grip. It’s the perfect pipe to sit on a coffee table because of its flat bottom and slanted stem. This pipe features a purple raised carburetor on the left side and a nice size bowl pack perfect for personal use or to share with a friend. Weighing in at 77 grams, this full size bubbler is sure to do the job with clean, refreshing smoke filtered through water and the bubbler’s long chamber. Best when used in conjunction with a glass screen.

Also included in the sandblasted pipe family is this glass bubbler’s hand pipe cousin, the Frosty Midnight Glass Piece.