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Dusky Rose Glass Bubbler

Dusky Rose Glass Bubbler


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Add the Midas touch to your home with the Dusky Rose Glass Bubbler!

This gold fumed glass bubbler is a crowd favorite, and easily one of our most striking pieces. The stark beauty should be an asset to anyone’s smoking ritual, and a definite conversation starter among even the most seasoned of smokers. Don’t forget to pair your new addition with a quality grinder, like our Tomato Pollinator, to ensure the freshness of your dry herb!

This is a full-sized glass bubbler featuring details such as sparkling dichroic strips, decorative latty glass work, a carburetor on the left side, and a thick glass coil wrapping around the stem of the piece. Plenty of room for water in the front, and a long chamber to make smoke especially cool and easy to inhale. Gorgeous in all its glory, this thickly hand blown, inside out bubbler is heavy and durable. A widened base stabilizes it, and its raised long beads make it easy to grip. With the gold fuming this heady glass piece will change colors over time as you smoke!