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Small Wood Grinder

Small Wood Grinder

SKU: 80002

Our small wood grinder is just what you’ve been looking for. This stylish tool is carved from dark stained wood with a natural sheen. Sharp metal teeth will grind your legal herbs into fine bits. At 2.5″ in diameter, this grinder is an attractive, functional tool for any smoker.

Highlights of This Grinder

Firmly embedded into the two fitted wooden pieces are sharp metal teeth. These teeth are easy to clean because of their convenient spacing. Plus you’ll never have to worry about missing any parts because this grinder only has two! Two parts means simplicity and less to clean. Just load up, put the top on, and grind away. Our small wood grinder is an efficient tool that’s also pleasing to the eye. This grinder makes a great accent piece to any environment because of its natural elegant look. This grinder will bring you back to nature due to its rustic wooden outside. Feel its smooth finish in your hands and remember the simpler times. Its warm hue will bring a relaxing vibe to your smoking ritual and you’ll wonder where this grinder has been all your life.

This grinder is easy to conceal as well as store because of its compact nature. Keep this grinder in a drawer, on a shelf, in a shoebox, wherever you please! Just remember to pack it with you when you need some grinding on the go. Slip it into your pocket, your purse, or your backpack. This grinder is one to show off. Bring it to a friend’s, a party, a smoking session, whenever you need to make someone jealous! These small wood grinders also make a great gift for loved ones (or for yourself). Class up any smoke session with one of these beauties today!

Also available in bigger sizes such as Large Wood Grinder ,or if you need to get a bigger job done we even have Extra Large Wood Grinder