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Large Wood Grinder

Large Wood Grinder


This 4″ diameter large wood grinder with metal teeth is perfect for a group, a party, or an individual with a hearty herb appetite. This sleek grinder is carved from dark stained wood with a natural sheen. With only two pieces, this grinder is a simple, functional piece that can handle any herb.

Highlights of This Grinder

Our large wood grinder offers a simpler grinding experience for the smoker seeking practicality. Because it only has two pieces to it, losing parts is never a problem. Not to mention you’ll never have to deal with screwing parts in incorrectly or cleaning out the seams. On the topic of cleaning, have no fears. These teeth are easy to clean out and around with your preferred cleaning solution. Another great feature is its large capacity which makes it easy to grind up bigger loads at a time. With this grinder there’s no need for carefully splitting up your material to try to make it all fit. So fill this bad boy up and grind away.

Not only does this piece look natural with its wooden exterior, it feels natural in the palm of your hand. Holding this grinder, you can’t help but glide your fingers over its smooth finish. The earthy wooden feel of it will class up your smoke session for sure. Furthermore, this rustic piece makes a great accent to any desk or coffee table. Using this grinder will bring any city slicker closer to nature.

This stylish grinder is the perfect gift for the smoker in your life who enjoys a simple and convenient grinding experience. Or if you’re missing your foresty roots, lets get you back to them. Add a little piece of nature to your daily smoking ritual with our large wood grinder.

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