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Magic Flight Launch Box: Overview, Review & Cleaning Tips

How the Magic Flight Launch Box Works: The Magic-Flight Launch Box comes with all the features you need in a vaporizer while also being one of the simplest on the market. It is a dry herb vaporizer, although there is a concentrate tray that you can purchase which enables you to vape oils, concentrates, and extracts. To […]

Origins of Nag Champa Incense

Nag Champa is the world’s most popular incense, containing sandalwood, a semi liquid resin “halmaddi” taken from the Ailanthus Triphysa tree which gives it the characteristic brownish gray color and damp texture. The incense is also made from the combination of flowers, resins, essential oils and herbs which are all natural and free of toxins. The name of this […]

Grenco Science Review

Let’s be honest, Grenco Science products rule the market for a reason. This Grenco Science review explains why you should love their products. Grenco Science and Pax by Ploom are two of the biggest names in the vaporizer community. Both have their own respective strengths and weaknesses, but if we’re have to take out the […]

Josh’s Rolling Paper Family

Josh’s Rolling Paper Family: Raw, Elements, and Juicy Jays/Hemp, Rice, and Flavored.  Rolling paper has an interesting history. Raw Papers, Element Papers, and Juicy Jay’s papers were all founded by Josh Kesselman owner of HBI International and are produced in Alcoy, Spain. Here are their stories!   Juicy Jays (The Flavored rolling paper) Rolling paper has […]

Seattle Hempfest! What up!?

We are so excited to share our adventure out West to Hempfest! ________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ 8/16/15 Goodbye Seattle, Goodbye New Friends! We had a great trip out West to Seattle. It really was a blast both getting there and enjoying the festival. We felt like being a part of this event, even as a vendor, […]

Product of the Day: Spike Master Glass Smoking Pipe

The Spike Master Glass Smoking Pipe is a sizable inside out glass pipe with prominent glass spikes and rich colorful details,The Spike Master Glass pipes will be a welcome addition at the party with unique hand crafted design and bold styling. From our little New York City smoke shop comes this nearly unbreakable glass pipe. […]

Mountain Jam Music Festival! YAY!

Mountain Jam Music Festival is possibly our favorite event of the year! This summer took us on the road, and the adventure we had is one that just has to be shared! Now in its 11th year, Mountain Jam Music Festival welcomed Sunflower Pipes Team to gorgeous Hunter, New York, to what quickly proved to […]

Look For Sunflower Glass At Bonaroo!

    Look for Sunflower Glass at Bonaroo Hey Everyone! Look for Sunflower Glass at Bonnaroo 2015 in Manchester Tennessee! Just like our location in Brooklyn we will have an excellent selection of spoons, waterpipes, oil rigs, accessories and a number of other goodies for everyone. This marks the 13th year for Bonnaroo music festival. […]

Head Shop History

Here’s a little history about Head Shops! American head shops originated in the 1960s in cities with high concentrations of college-age youth, often growing out of independently owned poster or candle stores. Historically, US head shops proliferated in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, in West Los Angeles, on New York’s St Marks street, and in Chicago’s […]

Magic Flight Launch Box

We are very pleased to once again carry the Magic Flight Launch Box here at Sunflower Glass! This herbal vaporizer is one of the most tried and true models available today. Simply insert the battery and hold it down to produce vapor from the trench in 3-5 seconds. Each battery can vaporize 2.4 trenches of […]

Sunflower Pipes Monthly Raffle (May 2015)

This months raffle is for a beautiful 12″ quad perc waterpipe. This sturdy piece is made of mostly white glass with a clear chamber to see smoke accumulation and royal blue percs and bowl. The downstem is 14mm and the bowl is a 14mm male piece. We sell these in the shop for $125 but […]

Erik Pye – Head Shop Pro

The New Essential Pot Paraphernalia by Meredith Craig de Pietro States like California and Colorado have already completely decriminalized marijuana, and New York is following suit in a limited form. Last year the city amended its policy on marijuana possession, so enthusiasts will no longer be arrested for being in possession of less than 25 grams. […]