Sunflower Animal Pipe Zoo

Is Animal Pipe Adoption Right For You?

Our animal pipe selection comes with pieces tall and short and big and small. You won’t believe the range of styles and characters that make up this colorful collection. All of the pieces are functional pipes. We only pick the best quality products. Let’s take a look at some of the fine specimens we’ve got living around these parts, shall we?


It’s Shark Week All Week Every Week at Sunflower Pipes!

Take a dive into the deep blue with one of our menacing and sometimes goofy shark pipes! They measure at average about 6″ in length, and provide a great personal sized bowl that you’re certain to enjoy! Pyrex glass, colored in underwater tones, ensures that quick slips from your hand won’t result in shattered shark teeth like glass on the floor. The fin details allow for easy gripping, making this piece surprisingly functional and great to use.


Mama and Child Elephants

Don’t Be A Dumbo, Buy Your Elephant Pipes From Sunflower!

Bring a splash of luck to your smoke with one of these classic glass elephant pipes! Our Sunflower Animal Pipe Zoo offers five varieties of elephants to choose from. We’ve got the pinched back ear variety, the extended ears, long trunks, twirly trunks, short and stout, tall and fat. Just put the colorfully cascaded trunks to your lips and let that big fat baby blow.

With a deep, converse hump on their backs, these majestic beasts are perfect carrier creatures. Saddling a bowl of your favorite legal herb, you can transport yourself to far off lands and far out times.



Now For Something Completely Different…


If you’re a hardcore smoker and you’ve got a tough spirit that you’d like to show off, maybe you should consider the darker, deeper aspects of our animal pipe zoo. These very spooky, yet stylish skulls are killer. Best of all, you can embrace the darkness of Davy Jone’s locker in either water pipe format or the more traditional pipe style type of piece. But never fear that your preferred option might be out of stock, because our professional and passionate crew is always on the lookout for low tide, keeping these large chamber water pipes and deep bowl blasters at your beck and call.


This Little Piggy Went To Sunflower Pipes

These portly pieces bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘bringing home the bacon’. These pigs are backed by our blue ribbon stamp of approval. They come to you from one of the leading providers of all-American themed glass – The Crush Glass Company. With clear and black options, these pigs are guaranteed to make you fly.  And at 4″ tall, they make for great table art pieces, perfect for any country cottage, studio apartment, or of course anywhere you might happen to live!

Red Robin Oil Rig

Soar the Cosmos With Our Awesome Aviary

Check out this lil’ Red Robin Oil Rig. That’s right folks, you heard right. This high flying dare devil might just drop a dab on your head, but there are much worse things in the world than that. All of our oil rigs come fitted with a detachable glass nail and dome. While you’re on the site or in the store, be sure to check out our rockin dab tools and torches so that you and this bird can light each other’s fire and soar the clouds together.





It Might Look Like TV but It’s Real Life… I Think

Venom, Stewie Griffin, and Winnie the Pooh come rounding the corner, and you might think, dude… I’ve had way too much legal herb, but I assure you you’re going to want to stick around for this collection. Our character pipes are sure to impress all the members of your far out fandoms. And these little characters sure do pack a punch! Form fitted with fully functional bowls, this group of celebrities guarantees to take you to toon town. Talk about a spirit guide! Am I right?


What Are You Waiting For? Adopt Today!

These cute critters are just sitting here staring at me, telling me how much they would absolutely love a good home. So whether you’re a Shark or a Jet, a Pooh or a Piglet fan, into Stewie or Spiderman, check out our animal pipe selection. It’s bound to warm your heart in one way or another.

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