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Smoking Pipe Cleaners

Smoking Pipe Cleaners


Choose from different brands and textures of pipe cleaners:
Zen – Hard and Soft Bristles; Smoking Clean – Tapered Soft and Hard Bristle

Pipe cleaners are essential to maintaining clean smoking pipes. Too much gunk in your pipe can lead to poor tasting hits, and makes it difficult for smoke to pass through the pipe.

Don’t know which kind to choose? The differences between pipe cleaners are subtle but important:

Hard bristle cleaners are slightly less absorbent, as their purpose is to scrape of caked-on residue. Soft bristle cleaners absorb moisture and buff the surface. Ideally, both styles of cleaners should be used along with alcohol, or even better, a liquid cleaner such as Formula 420. Simply fill the pipe with the liquid cleaner, shake and let sit for a minute. Dump out the liquid and use the soft bristle cleaner to absorb what’s left. If there is still gunk on your pipe, hard bristle pipe cleaners will finish the job.

Please make sure to specify which brand and bristle-type you would like in the comments/notes section of your order!

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