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RAW Paper Case 1 1/4″

RAW Paper Case 1 1/4″

SKU: 50040

Raw is truly the leader in rolling Papers and rolling paper accessories. they have such an extensive product line that caters the smokers and their day-to-day smoking needs. The brand keeps pumping out new innovations and ideas. What will they think of next? One of our favorite new products is the Raw Rolling Paper tin case! Keep your rolling papers dry and wrinkle free! Perfect for the traveling smoker, whether riding your bike, or taking your papers anywhere in your pocket or purse. Built to last with tough metal and sturdy hinges and printed with RAW Classic Rolling Papers design.

Can’t stand another pack bending just from walking with it in your pocket? The RAW Paper case serves a single, RAWsome purpose: keep your pack of RAW Rolling Papers safe and sturdy. The RAW Paper Case comes in two sizes, King Size Slim and 1 ¼”. Store and keep your papers safe in these tins when on the move.

The Paper Case has a hinged lid that snaps securely in place when you put your papers inside. It’s constructed from metal to keep your RAW’s safe from the other objects in your pocket, backpack, car – wherever! This is a must-have for serious RAWlers.