Long Funhouse Dugout


The Long Funhouse Dugout is a colorful way to mobilize your smoking ritual.

A classic storage/pipe combo, this method never fails in keeping your smoking tools at ready. This dugout has separate compartments for your stash and your metal (or ceramic) one-hitter. Easily pack a pipe for a quick smoke session while walking the streets or before you hit the hay in bed at night. Light weight for mobile use, the Long Funhouse Dugout is a classic smoking accessory with a lot of history and has been popular since the late 1960’s-early 1970’s.

Made for active smokers on the go, it is perfect for snowboarders, golfers, surfers, and concert goers, the dugout enables hands-free packing and compact transport, with a top that twists open and closed. Portable and conspicuous, the Long Funhouse Dugout revolutionized stealthy incognito smoking for multiple generations.  Hand crafted with 100% all natural wood, these dugouts are 4 inches long and with a spring loaded chamber for your one-hitter. The Long Funhouse Dugout comes with a free metal cigarette bat inside, fits any standard size short bat, including ceramic and ejector bats.

** Bright colors on the dugout vary, so please specify in the comments section of your order if there’s a particular shade you prefer!

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