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Grenade Grinder

Grenade Grinder

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Warn your friends before you bust out your brand new grenade grinder in rotation; they just might mistake it for the real thing! The sharp blades and spacious chamber on this grinder make for an excellent way to grind your herbs to a fine consistency, without compromising style! From the moment you press down after loading, the work has already begun, and a few simple turns will have you ready to go! Whether packing a large or small bowl, don’t hesitate to pack a bowl prepared by the best in the business! Prepare a stash for your wooden dugout and hold on to the residue for later enjoyment! Standing at 3.5″ inches tall, the portability on this grinder is unstoppable, as is the ability to quickly place it in hiding when the smoke clears!

There are many reasons as too why a grinder is such an essential tool in many peoples smoking rituals. No matter how you prefer to smoke whether it be papers, water-pipes, bowls, bubblers, vapes, etc. a grinder will ensure your herb is evenly ground up and finely packed which leads to a smoother better smoke.  Most vaporizer manufacturers make it clear in the user manual that their products perform at their best with finely ground herb, and anyone with experience rolling their own know that poorly broken up herb leads to an unfortunate uneven smoke. Another advantage to owning a grinder is the fourth and final “pollen chamber.” This chamber catches any leftover dust or pollen that would otherwise be lost and stuck to your fingers if you grind manually. Watch the pollen build up over time and know you have something to smoke for a rainy day!

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