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Green Oil Slick Bubbler

Green Oil Slick Bubbler


At first glance this green oil slick bubbler is such a beautiful piece of glass you hardly even want to smoke out it. Then after a second look it becomes clear this is the bubbler of all bubblers.  It sits securely on any flat surface and is about seven inches long.  This piece is hand blown from pyrex glass with hints of green, blue, gold, and orange. This is truly a heady piece of glass without being too over the top. The beauty is in the subtleties of the color and glass.  You want to hold it and look at it just as much as you want to smoke it.

Considering it’s length and bowl size, this thing can pack a mean punch. Great for passing around with friends, or keeping for yourself you can not go wrong either way. Do not forget, this is a water pipe bubbler that requires the user to fill the pipe partially with water. As most know, this water is a huge health benefit to the smoker as it filters out the nasty toxins you get from burning the dry herb. Water pipes and bubblers are always great alternatives to regular pipes for people looking to be a little more cautious with their smoking habits.

Order online, or swing by either store location to give one of these beautiful bubblers a home.