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Grav Labs Small Water Pipe

Grav Labs Small Water Pipe


Grav Labs has done it again! This time they came through with the Grav Labs Small Water Pipe. Grav Labs is an Austin, Texas based glass company that have consistently proven their value time and time again. We are big Grav Labs supporters here at Sunflower, and our proud to carry their products. This particular water pipe is  just under nine inches long, and is the perfect water pipe for smokers of all experiences! Beginning smokers can easily wrap their head around this pipe without being completely overwhelmed. And experienced smokers, can just as easily appreciate the simplicity.

It may be small, but believe us it packs a very mean punch! To use, simple pack the bowl with your favorite legal herbs, or smoking tobacco. Then, light up the bowl and start to inhale. When it is time to clear the smoke, pull the bowl from the pipe and inhale. It is as easy as that! No carburetor required! This water pipe also conveniently features a little ice-catcher in the neck of the piece. Throw in a couple of pieces of ice into the pipe before your smoke session, and you will notice an immediate improvement in the smoothness of the hits.

For those unaware, a water pipe is a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, cigars, or regular pipes. This is because the water in these pipes filter out many unwanted toxins before reaching your lungs. This gives the user a cleaner, more potent hit everytime.It also means your will conserve your product at a much better rate. Basically, a little goes a long way with these water pipes!

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