Jedi Glass- Smoke with Class

When making the move to become the proud owner of a solid glass piece, you always want to consider the fact that every time you smoke, it’s going to enhance your experience tenfold if it’s one you truly love having around. Straight from Willamette Valley, Oregon, Jedi Glassworks has been producing gorgeous, unique hand blown heady glass pieces since 1999. These large, super thick pipes are clearly made with a ton of love and care, you can almost sense the artists’ soul in each piece. We always tell our customers to get the piece they love, and not once has anyone regretted it. Jedi Glass pieces literally comes to life with vibrant, high quality borosilicate colors that simply glow. Full color pieces tend to be less thick than fumed glass, but that’s not the case for these massive spoons and bubblers. They are sturdy, heavy pieces sure to be by your side for years and years, while also maintaining the beauty and luster of high quality, striking color. Come check out our new Jedi Glass at both Bushwick and Williamsburg stores, they’ll soon be available to order! If you’re an American-made glass specific, you’re in for a treat. Here’s a quick preview of these Jedi pieces:






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