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Origin of the Bat Pipe

The Sādhus and the Bat Pipe A bat is a straight, conical pipe. It’s origins date back to an eighteenth century Hindu group called the sādhus. The sādhus are greatly respected and sometimes feared in India. They  follow a school of thought known as advaita which rejects duality and utilizes altered states of consciousness. Through these practices they strive to elevate themselves above […]

“DO U EVEN…” E-Liquid Product List

    “DO U EVEN VAPE BRO?”   “I’m done after this pack…, “I’m so over smoking cigarettes.”, “I’m seriously quitting this time.”. These were reoccurring mantras in my later years of being a habitual cigarette smoker. That was until I discovered the benefits of vaping. I’ve met others like myself who have & are well on […]

Exploring the Aspire Vape Kit Lineup

Picking the Aspire Vape Kit That’s Right For You Aspire is a a leading name in the e-cigarette industry. They carry a number of atomizers and mods, allowing for many customization options. They are also a great brand for new e-cigarette users, thanks to the Aspire vape kit line up which includes all of the hardware necessary to begin […]

The Green High Product Review

In our latest blog post titled The Great Oil Rig Time Machine we discussed a product that allows you to vaporize essential extracts in a way unlike any other. Today, we’re going to review our “Nectar Collector” style vaporizer, The Green High.     First Look: In comparison to todays standard of oil rigs, The […]

The Great Oil Rig Time Machine

      Along with this new wave of emerging “Concentrate Culture”, glassblowers became more creative and inventive with their oil rig crafting. It became less about who could blow the biggest, gnarliest, water pipe but who could make the most functional pieces, with intricacies such as extremely detailed percolation systems beginning to show up on […]

New York Smoke Shop Culture

The East and The West The West and the East have always held top spot when it comes to smoke shops. California and New York, often deemed trendsetters in the US, seem to be a breeding ground of cultural movements and new ideas. Artists and counter culture revolutionaries flock to these locations, making them pillars of culture and hot spots […]

Grenco Science Review

Let’s be honest, Grenco Science products rule the market for a reason. This Grenco Science review explains why you should love their products. Grenco Science and Pax by Ploom are two of the biggest names in the vaporizer community. Both have their own respective strengths and weaknesses, but if we’re have to take out the […]

NYC smoke shops – the backstory

NYC smoke shops bare an interesting backstory of counter culture and an effort to liberate cannabis.   Despite being so relatively young, New York City has already left its’ mark on the world… one that will never be forgotten. NYC has given the world only the greatest contributions to cannabis culture, and it leaves behind […]

Sunflower Animal Pipe Zoo

Is Animal Pipe Adoption Right For You? Our animal pipe selection comes with pieces tall and short and big and small. You won’t believe the range of styles and characters that make up this colorful collection. All of the pieces are functional pipes. We only pick the best quality products. Let’s take a look at some of […]