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Speed of Light Glass Bat

Speed of Light Glass Bat


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This silver fumed straight-shooter is thickly hand blown from borosilicate glass. Looking at the combination of blue, white, and red and a thick strip of rainbow dichroic glass on a dark background is like wandering through space at warp speed as the stripes twist and turn as they run down the chamber. At 3.5”, the Speed of Light Glass Bat is long enough to provide a comfortable smoke, thick enough to withstand a fall, and the cone shaped bowl will make it a breeze to cash this pipe out and keep it clean. The chamber is blown up slightly in the middle, allowing the smoker to grip the piece in a variety of positions, like between their index and middle finger or with their index finger and thumb. The flattened mouthpiece is the final neat feature of this glass bat. It feels great between your lips and will also stop the piece from rolling off a surface. Check out the twist in the lines near the bowl, in the center bump, and flattened mouthpiece. And, on top of that, the bat will change to hues of blue with use, so you could be mesmerized for hours!

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