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Long Colorful Metal Bats

Long Colorful Metal Bats

SKU: 70010

These long colorful metal bats are a classic, convenient, and fun way to smoke.

Even with the bright colors these long colorful metal bats are very discreet, and of course portable. Take it with you on-the-go and never miss an opportunity to smoke. They fit in any standard 4 inch dugout and come in Blue, Green, Gold, Red, and Black. Please include desired color in comments!

Always remember, no matter what you prefer to smoke from, your herb will burn better and smoother if it is properly ground up. This is particularity true for a small one-hitter pipe like this one. A grinder is the only way to get your herb to the most fine and even consistency possible. Check out our selection of grinders here, and step up your smoking game another another notch!