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Frosted and Non-Frosted Glass Lizard Bowls

Frosted and Non-Frosted Glass Lizard Bowls


Leapin’ lizards, these pipes are unique!

These glass lizard bowls come equipped with a nicely sized bowl, perfect for a chill load. Sit under a tree in the grass and admire the little critter perched upon the shaft. These Lizard Pipes come in two contrasting colors of frosted black and fluorescent blue. The frosted black has a softer and lighter feel to it while the fluorescent blue is smoother and more grounded. Can’t decide? Why not both! Get one for the friend in your life that appreciates the littler things. These pipes fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, and the carb is easy to find and hold. The horned little lizards adorning the pipe are just perfect for the smoker that enjoys admiring their pieces while lighting up. If that sounds like you, you’ve met your new smoking buddy. Adopt one before they’ve all scuttled off!

Since these pipes come in two colors, please specify in your order which one you would like to receive: frosted black or fluorescent blue. Happy smoking!