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Hypnosis Glass Pipe

Hypnosis Glass Pipe


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Get ready to be transported by the cool look of this Hypnosis glass pipe.

The hypnosis glass pipe is a 4.25” American-made hand blown glass piece with a classy full color black and white color scheme and a crazy cool wig wag design. The skill and quality of the glasswork is undeniable! The bold opaque colors result in a trippy, tight swirl on the front of the pipe that you could stare at for days! Three clear beads down the front chamber give it real personality, and two extra beads on the right side of the head, opposite the carburetor. A flattened bottom helps it sit safely on a flat surface. The Hypnosis pipe weighs 68.2 grams and measures 4.25” long. Lightweight at 68.2 grams, with a deep bowl and an entertaining design, this is a great piece for use at home with friends. Like all of our other products on sunflowerpipes.com, this pipe ships from the USA.

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