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Black Spoon with Colored Dots

Black Spoon with Colored Dots


Michigan based company Multiverse Glass comes through once again with a beautifully simple black spoon with colored dots. This real, high quality, American-made glass is a practical stay at home or on the run bowl. The size of the piece makes it portable, easily concealable, but never too small. A perfect pipe to take with you on the go! This is a simple and awesome bowl for smokers of all preferences and experiences.


More Highlights, Plus Tips For Bowl Maintenance 

Measuring at four inches, this pipe sits securely on any flat surface so you don’t have to stress about knocking it over. The size and shape of this piece is just right for holding comfortably in the palm of your hand. Feel the quality of craftsmanship put into making this simple yet elegant pipe. The colored accents give it a nice pop of color in contrast to its cool black nature. Your fingers will find its carb with ease whether you’re right or left hand dominant. The bowl itself is decently sized and perfect for a party or personal bowl. Just pack in your legal material and smoke up!

Pipe maintenance is very important for glass longevity and smoke session quality. Even in the case of this non-translucent black spoon with colored dots. Just because you can’t see the residue from frequent usage does not mean it won’t affect your smoking ritual. Therefore keep your glass happy with regular cleanings! This piece is easily cleaned with any standard pipe cleaner and a good soak in cleaning solution. Recommended for troubling residue build up, the renowned Formula 420 cleaner  which is perfect for keeping your glass sparkly fresh.

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