Sunflower Pipes is dedicated to the experience of smoking. We highly regard the act as an art and in doing so take great care in choosing the products for our line. Sunflower Pipes acknowledges the needs of the modern tobacco smoker and strives to supply the finest array of legitimate tobacco accessories and pipes. All of our products undergo a series of tests and are carefully selected for their unique color, shape, decor, durability and functionality.

Sunflower Pipes supplies but is not limited to the following products: Dugouts, Bats, Grinders, Pollinators, Glass Smoking Pipes (Single Glass Smoking Pipes, Double Glass Smoking Pipes and Inside Out Glass Smoking Pipes), Metal Smoking Pipes, Wooden Smoking Pipes, Water Smoking Pipes (Bubblers, Sherlocks, Hammers, Hookahs), Fifkas, Chillums, Scales, Slides, and Smoking Papers (Flavored Smoking Papers, Hemp Smoking Papers, Rice Smoking Papers, Clear Smoking Papers)

Many of our products are handmade. It is important that you recognize variations will occur and that each individual pipe will have its own unique size, weight, color, and shape. These variances will not however stray far from the basic product image and description associated with them. You can trust that the item you receive and the product you viewed will not differ in any drastic form. Sunflower Pipes carefully wraps and discreetly ships your products, guaranteeing no item will be damaged on route. Though we can not accept returns or exchanges we will gladly listen to any claims or issues you may have

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