We have just opened our first retail storefront in our neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY! The name of our store is Sunflower Glass Company, and the local phone number is 347.406.7090. Please call or e-mail support@sunflowerpipes.com to contact us for any questions about the website, how to locate us, or of course just to say hi! We love Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Yahoo and Twitter,so be sure to connect with us under Sunflower Glass Company (sunflowerglassco) or Sunflower Pipes on any of those networks.

***Note to customers with questions about SHIPPING

We are a very small business with only two people running the store and the website, and only one of us handles all the packaging, shipping through USPS, and other customer service issues on this website. Please expect your order to be shipped within 4-5 business days, and know that I’m doing my best to get your order to your door on time. We’re willing to work with anyone with any special issues about their orders, and as always, we package and ship as discreetly as possible, with no mention of the word “Pipes” on any part of the packaging.

***PAYPAL PAYMENT OPTION on SunflowerPipes.com

Many of our customers prefer checking out with PayPal, which we encourage. Unfortunately we are unable to charge people through PayPal directly through our website, due to the nature of our products. To request a PayPal invoice, e-mail support@sunflowerpipes.com or call 347.406.7090to let us know what you’d like to order, along with your shipping address, and you’ll receive an immediate invoice.


Sunflower Pipes is dedicated to the experience of smoking. We highly regard the act as an art and a ritual, and in doing so we take extra special care in choosing the products for our line. Our mission is to acknowledge the needs of the modern tobacco smoker, and to strive to supply the finest array of legitimate tobacco accessories and pipes. All of our products undergo a series of tests and are carefully selected for their unique color, shape, decor, durability and functionality.

Many of our products, particularly the glass pipes, are each handmade, resulting in a unique size, weight, color, and shape for each pipe. These variances will not stray far from the basic product image, or the description associated with them. You can trust that the item you receive and the product you viewed will not differ in any drastic form, and will be personally reviewed by us before being sent to you.

Sunflower Pipes supplies includes but is not limited to the following products: Dugouts, Bats, Grinders, Pollinators, Glass Smoking Pipes (Single Blown Glass Smoking Pipes, Double Blown Glass Smoking Pipes and Inside Out Glass Smoking Pipes), Metal Smoking Pipes, Wooden Smoking Pipes, Water Pipes (Bubblers, Sherlocks, Hammers, Hookahs), Fifkas, Chillums, Scales, Slides, and Rolling Papers (Flavored Smoking Papers, Hemp Smoking Papers, Rice Smoking Papers, Clear Smoking Papers).

Please notify us if we have missed a product you are looking for. We welcome feedback and ultimately want to satisfy your everyday smoking needs!

Cheers, Sunflower Pipes