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Jupiter’s Eye Hammer Bubbler

Jupiter’s Eye Hammer Bubbler


Drift off into space with the one of a kind Jupiter’s Eye Hammer Bubbler!

This majestic, marbled glass Jupiter’s Eye Hammer Bubbler is both a statement piece and smoking accessory. The ergonomic design of the head/bowl makes it comfortable to hold. The elongated, bubbling stem itself is over 6 inches, more than long enough to cool down the smoke considerably. It’s bowl is deep enough for a group session, but not too deep that it would overwhelm a solo smoker. Additionally, this bubbler is built to stand on its own, making it perfect to display on your shelf or coffee table.

While you can use this pipe without any water, its large chamber beneath the bowl makes it a functional bubbler as well. Simply pour water through the bowl’s hole until it has filled half or almost half the chamber. Pack in your ground, legal dry herb, and enjoy your water-filtered smoking session. If you’re looking for extra filtration, consider purchasing a glass screen to go along with your glass bubbler.

Next to smoking out of it, cleaning if one of the most important things you should do with your pipe. To clean this bubbler, soak it in the all natural, non toxic Formula 420 cleaner. Just pour in the formula, shake it around, let it soak for a minute, then wash it out with warm water. No scrubbing necessary!

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