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Formula 420 Cleaner

Formula 420 Cleaner

SKU: 15013

Ever taken a look at your favorite glass pipe and wish it was as clean and smooth as when you first purchased it? Formula 420 cleaner is perfect for cleaning the resin buildup that occurs on glass pipes. A common cause for lingering odors in the household is a dirty smoking pipe. Take care of the problem with 420 cleaner today! No fuss or mess!

Formula 420 cleaner is made from all natural ingredients and is non-toxic. High Times magazine recommends Formula 420 for cleaning all your smoking products including chillums, spoons, water pipes, bubblers, one hitters, concentrate pipes, bowls, slides, ash catchers, steam rollers and more! It isn’t just for glass pipes, it works just as well for metal and ceramic pipes! Just shake the bottle thoroughly, pour it into your pipe, cover all openings, shake for one minut, and rinse with warm water and you’re done! For smaller items just fill a small plastic baggie with Formula 420 cleaner and the item for one minute and then rinse!!

Formula 420 cleaner can be used more than once. After cleaning your pipe you can pour that 420 cleaner back in the bottle and use it again for a while until you need more!  No scrubbing, no soaking, no waiting! Nothing works better. it’s the one minute cleaner that is hassle free, easy to use, cleans and deodorizes in seconds!