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Swiveling Lid Dugout

Swiveling Lid Dugout


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This swiveling lid dugout is not your mamma’s dugout. Instead of the standard style, this wood dugout features a movable lid secured by two magnetic dots on either piece of wood so the bat won’t come flying out at you (great right? No more bat injuries!) Even with this one of a kind opening feature, it still maintains the classic dugout look and feel so many people love, for the ultimate discreet and portable smoking device. This piece measure 4.5” and the bat stored inside is 4”. Not only is this special because of the swiveling lid but the storage compartment is also enclosed with a plastic, removable cover. This subtle dugout will keep you entertained and happy as long as you both shall live, and if your keep it properly maintained and clean it should last you a lifetime.

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