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Striped Bubbler

Striped Bubbler


Enter a new realm with this striped bubbler, straight from Alice in Wonderland.

This striped bubbler is beautifully adorned with colorful stripes, which sinew up the piece in a mystical spiraling pattern. You are sure to be mesmerized as you light up this striped bubbler. The spiraling colored glass gives a beautiful handblown effect to this bubbler. With a large round bottom chamber, be assured that this bubbler can handle plenty of water and fill up with a sizable amount of smoke. In addition, this striped bubbler comes equipped with a voluptuous bowl fit for a nice, large packing. This bubbler comes with a carb, positioned across from small bubble decorations that help to provide a more solid grip.

As is the case with all bubblers, the user must fill this piece with water. When heated and smoked, the water cools and filters the smoke to remove many toxins. This ultimately leads to a smoother and healthier smoking experience. The cooling effect of the water in the bubbler makes the smoke less harsh so that the smoker can inhale more and cough less. Additionally, the water filtration removes harmful compounds found in the smoke such as benzopyrene and other polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that are linked to cancer. Stay away from all that with this healthier method to enjoy all your herbs! This would make a perfect gift for your art-loving friend, or add this to your personal collection. You can’t go wrong with this lovely striped bubbler.