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Storm Soldier Water Pipe

Storm Soldier Water Pipe

SKU: 12013

Our best selling jumbo water pipe! The Storm Soldier water pipe’s thick opaque milky white borosilicate glass is what makes this 18″ tall water pipe so irresistibly beautiful.

Not to mention, the storm soldier water pipe is one of the heaviest water pipes by far that you’ll find for this great price! The contrast of black and white is what lends the Storm Soldier’s real character and artistic value. But it’s the double water chamber and the massive built in tree percolator that gives it it’s undeniably smooth smokability. The tree peculator creates hundreds of little bubbles that transfers heat cooling the smoke and filters carcinogens. The Storm Solider Water Pipe comes with a matching 14mm milky glass bowl piece (pictured) and a 18mm X 14mm downstem. Handblown with an ice catcher and a thick, comfortable tube/mouthpiece.

Make sure to grab a bottle of 420 cleaner and a roll of  I-Tal Hempwick to go along with this purchase.