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Small Wooden Pipe Carved with Unique Design

Small Wooden Pipe Carved with Unique Design


Thanks to its size, this small wooden pipe is portable and classy as hell with its almost-Sherlock-pipe design.

Each small wooden pipe is no longer than 3 inches and only 1 inch tall including its vertical bowl piece. The pipe stem is made of stripes of light and dark wood. The bowl piece for every pipe is different in color, size, and design. The color options range from brown, jet black, deep red, or a light green. The bottom of each bowl is sanded down so that it can rest comfortably on any hard surface. Inside, the hollowed wooden space provides enough room for a sizable group smoke or a relaxing solo sesh. Brass screens are installed to keep your ground material and its ash from getting into your mouth.

There’s no carb on these little guys. Just pack your grounded material, light it with a lighter or hempwick, take a deep hit, and sit back and enjoy the earthy flavor from smoking out of this wooden pipe.

Every pipe has a different design carved into the front of the bowl piece. These include a peace sign, Che Guevara, lizard, leaf, sun, Bob Marley, ying/yang, various Aztec symbols, sun/moon symbol, celtic symbol, and other unidentifiable designs. When placing your order, be sure to tell us your preferred color and carved design and we’ll do our best to accommodate you! Some designs may not be available in particular colors, so we’ll prioritize the carved symbol over the color preference.