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Small Colorful Rounded Water Pipe

Small Colorful Rounded Water Pipe


This Small Colorful Rounded Water Pipe is the perfect little pipe for any smoker! It is a simple no frills pipe that packs quite the punch.

It is very easy to use. Simply pack the bowl with your favorite legal herbs or smoking tobacco. Light the bowl as you start to inhale. Then, when it is time to clear the smoke, pull the bowl piece from the pipe and inhale one last time. It is as easy as that!

There are many benefits to using a water pipe over any other standard pipe. The main benefit is the fact that your smoke is cooled and filtered through the water before you inhale. The water filters out any nasty toxins involved like butane. It cools the smoke which means you will not be presented with an incredibly harsh hit. In fact, with the Small Colorful Rounded Water Pipe you are guaranteed a potent yet smooth hit every time.

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