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Slanted Quartz Carb Cap

Slanted Quartz Carb Cap


The Slanted Quartz Carb Cap is an essential tool for achieving optimal performance from your concentrate dab rig. The best way to get a full flavored yet powerful hit from your concentrate rig is to vaporize the oil at the lowest possible temperature. The Carb Cap does just this by reducing the air pressure in your rig and dabbing surface. It directly enhances the potency and flavor of your oil by allowing the rig to draw large clouds with a much lower level of heat. Without the Slanted Quartz Carb Cap you have to torch your nail into oblivion, which can leave your dabs in a charred muddled mess. If you really want to taste the flavor of your strain, you need to start with a functional Carb Cap, just like this one!

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