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Quartz Pipe

Quartz Pipe


Check out this unique, mesmerizing, crystal quartz pipe here at Sunflower Glass! It is 3.5” in length and 2” in width. The bowl itself is a 1” deep and has a healthy capacity for your legal herb. Its clear but cloudy details give it a natural organic aesthetic that is unique to crystal pipes. Tired of smoking out of the same old same old? Try out a quartz pipe today!

Properties of Crystal Quartz

Every crystal has a list of metaphysical properties and how they can be harnessed. When using a crystal as a smoking vessel, it is good to know what kinds of energies you can absorb with an open and accepting mind. Crystal quartz is known to open the mind and heart and offer higher guidance to the user. Crystal quartz is also useful for manifesting ones’ thoughts thus making energies sent out more powerful. This can help in healing and achieving goals.

In order to get the best use out of them, maintain your crystals. Some Himalayan salt and water is great for cleaning crystal pipes. Because they are real crystals, charging them in the sun or moon will result in strong energies. Crystal pipes are also very durable which is perfect for the smoker who tends to drop pieces. These pieces can handle those pesky accidents that would usually spell doom for other pipes.

Our crystal quartz pipe is the perfect accent to any home. They’re great for smoking but also naturally radiant and decorative. These gorgeous pipes can class up any smoke session. In addition, they’re also the perfect piece to bring along to a party because they give off all those special energies. Pass this pipe around for good vibes and spiritual harmony.

Enlighten your smoke session or gift it to a special someone in your life. With a crystal pipe like this, you can’t go wrong!

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