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Large Stone Bats

Large Stone Bats


Made in Mexico, our Large Stone Bats are perfect for anyone looking for a more elegant on the go one hitter. This piece is the best combination of discreetness and classiness that any one hitter has ever managed to achieve. It is only two inches long so it is very easy to travel with. This also makes it quite easy to clean. Any standard pipe cleaner or guitar string will easily knock through any unwanted gunk and build-up, and make it brand new again. With a little regular maintenance this pipe could last you a lifetime. This bat packs much larger bowls than your standard one-hitter. When it comes down to it, this piece is really more of a three or four hitter!

Do not forget this pipe functions at its absolute best with finely ground herb or tobacco. The only way to achieve the optimal smooth and even hits you crave is with a grinder.

Lastly, as seen on the images, we have five different color styles for these pipes. Please specify which color you want when you order.

Do not forget to swing by either one of our three Brooklyn store locations to see what else we have to offer! We are located at 12 Wilson Ave, 518 Grand Street, and 377 Metropolitan Ave.