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Sea Green Water Pipe with Tree Percolator 11″

Sea Green Water Pipe with Tree Percolator 11″


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When choosing a water pipe for your home, you want something sturdy, with thick glass- and a great filtering system so you can take huge, clear hits when you get home after a long day. This water pipe, with its substantial thickness, beautifully sturdy shape and size, and four-arm tree percolator, is exactly what you’re looking for. The high quality sea green and clear glass is super thick and durable, and the beaker bottom is wider and flatter at the base so it stands sturdy where ever you put it down. Weighing in at 450 grams, this water pipe is sure to stand the test of time.


The scientific shape of this pipe is not only ergonomic and easy to hold and use, it also ensures quality hits with efficient filtration, so you don’t inhale the toxins that come with burning dry herbs. The high quality four-arm tree percolator is diffused on the end of each arm, as is the water pipe’s downstem, for even more filtration with each hit you take. Go the healthier route with two water chambers, impressive percolating filter system, and an ice catcher for extra cool puffs! Stands compactly at 11″ tall, so it’s a perfect size for any home or apartment, and as heavy as it is, you’re sure to love this water pipe for years to come. Remember, a water pipe is what makes a house a home- so get the one you love!

-Comes with thick 18mm x 18mm downstem with diffusers, and matching 18mm bowl piece.

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