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Green Bubbler With Shrooms

Green Bubbler With Shrooms


Introducing the wonderfully whimsical Green Bubbler with Shrooms.

The green bubbler with shrooms will catch your attention from across the room. This bubbler is adorned with little clear bulbs containing glass mushrooms, both for grip and aesthetic. It has a horn piece protruding from behind the mouthpiece, with the coloring and patterns of a regal dragon. We bet you’ll feel like a dragon yourself as you inhale and exhale from this badass glass!

You can feel safe holding this guy in your hand, with the mushroom decorative grips. Raised rings surrounding the body also act as a grip, ensuring the user that he or she will not drop it, no matter how mesmerized he or she may be looking at this magnificent piece! You’re going to want to take a light to this bowl. With its decently sized chambers, you are sure to get a satisfying hit with every light. If you’re looking for a bubbler with character, finesse, and a bit of quirkiness, you’ve come to the right place. The quality of our glass will not disappoint. The glass is extra thick and hand blown, making each one unique. You will not be disappointed in this craftsmanship.

As is the case with all bubblers, the user must fill the piece with water. The water plays a huge role in the cooling and filtering out unwanted toxins in the smoke, ultimately leading to a smoother and healthier smoking experience. The science behind this is fascinating. The cooling of the smoke makes the smoke less harsh so that the smoker can inhale more, while coughing much less. The water filtration removes harmful compounds found in the smoke such as benzopyrene and other polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that are linked to cancer. Stay away from all that and grab yourself one of these awesome Green Bubblers with Mushrooms! Picking out a style of glass that matches your personality makes every time you smoke a richer and more fulfilling experience.