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Fumed Pink Smoking Pipe

Fumed Pink Smoking Pipe


The Fumed Pink Smoking Pipe is a subtle pipe that packs a very mean punch. It is the perfect pipe for the smoker looking for something with class, that is also not too over the top. At just under four inches long this pipe is the perfect size for both on-the-go and stay at home smoking. Either way you will not go wrong. Due to its simplicity and subtly in colors and design this pipe is very easily cleaned. You will easily be able to see when it’s time to clean. Simply running a pipe cleaner throughout either end will do the job. With enough care and maintenance this piece could easily last you a lifetime!

This pipe pairs perfectly with some I-Tal Hempwick. For those unaware, Hempwick is an all natural healthy alternative to lighting up directly with a butane lighter. To use, simply light the end of the wick with your lighter. Then, light your bowl with the hempwick. It is as easy as that! You will notice an immediate improvement in taste, and your lungs with thank you for sparing them the toxins associated with butane.

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