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Firefly 2

Firefly 2


If you want the most high class smoking experience on the market, spoil yourself and grab the brand new Firefly 2! New and improved features along with a more streamline appearance add stealth and beauty to your vaping experience. This vaporizer’s heating method is known as a dynamic convection style. This means your herb is vaped through super-heated air. The vape sits at about five inches in length, one and a half inches in width, and is about an inch thick, so you can enjoy high quality vaping with a portable, yet sturdy device. At the top of the vape is a clear window so you can view and monitor your herbs as they are heated, which is an interesting feature not commonly seen on many herbal vapes. The Firefly uses a magnetic lid on the top of the device. Just remove the magnetic lid, pack the glass bowl with your herbs, press in both touch sensors on the side, and your off to the races! The Firefly allows the user a choice of five different temperatures to vape your herb at. Experiment with these temperatures to find your preference. For those smokers who prefer the concentrate life, look no further. Not only is the Firefly a magnificent dry herb vape, it can now handle your concentrate needs too! Just place the included concentrate pads in the chamber and let it heat up for an additional fifteen seconds and your ready to smoke. Cleaning this product is not an issue. Included in the box is a cleaning kit that gives you wipes, picks, and a brush to keep it regularly maintained and at optimal smoking level. Swing by either Sunflower store location, or order online here to take you vaping game up another notch!

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