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Confetti bubbler

Confetti bubbler


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The confetti bubbler is one of our best selling glass pieces!

This super sturdy, inside out hammer style confetti bubbler is undeniably gorgeous, with brightly colored glass that looks like a burst of joy. It’s also noticeably heavy and with it’s perfectly rendered shape and design- it packs a punch! Boasting a deep bowl, large water chamber, and elegant shape, it feels great in your hand and makes for an extremely smooth smoke.  There are many advantages of using a glass bubbler and why a lot of smokers prefer them as their main piece. Being healthier and easier on your lungs- and yet still compact and handheld- bubblers are the perfect medium between a water pipe and a glass pipe. This bubbler is ideal for both your at home smoke session and for bringing with you on the go. Hold it once and you’ll feel the difference!

This thick glass bubbler is hand blown in Nepal with the finest craftsmanship and skill, brought straight to your door by Sunflower Pipes!