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Color Accent Three Chamber Water Pipe

Color Accent Three Chamber Water Pipe


The Color Accent Three Chamber Water Pipe is one hell of a pipe! For serious smokers only, this pipe stands at fourteen and a half inches tall! It includes three separate chambers for some serious filtration of your smoke giving you big and clean hits every time. It includes a very generous sized bowl, and a extra long attached down-stem. Once your smoke gets through the down-stem it hits the first percolator. Next, the smoke travels to the second chamber which includes the honeycomb percolator and of course filters the smoke even more. Finally, the smoke reaches the final shower head percolator to filter and cool the smoke again. Then, before it reaches your mouth it gets one more final cool with the ice catcher!

Let’s Review:

The Color Accent Three Chamber Water Pipe includes a grand total of three percolators, and an ice catcher! You can only imagine how well this water pipe hits. By the time the smoke reaches your mouth you can be assured you are accepting only the smoothest and most clean hits that will not leave you with a coughing fit (unless you are into that!)

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