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Brass Bud Bullet

Brass Bud Bullet


The Brass Bud Bomb is a bit of a hidden gem here at Sunflower Pipes. This metal piece is really something special. It is an extremely durable, if not indestructible, brass pipe that uses a built in helix system for maximum efficiency. This helix system does an incredible job at cooling the smoke to make much stronger and cleaner hits. This is not unlike a water pipe percolator.

To use, first unscrew the bottom chunk of the pipe to reveal the chamber underneath. It’s a fairly large chamber that’s perfect for passing around in a group or just enjoying on your own. Screw the top back onto the chamber and head out the door to your destination. Light your herb by heating the back part of the pipe through three effective holes that will indirectly heat your ground material in the chamber. As you inhale, the smoke is shifted through the air-tight cooling helix, and is brought to you as a potent yet smooth hit.

The cherry on top for this piece is it’s discreetness. At just a little over three inches long, this bud bomb barely looks like a pipe at quick glance, and is easily used by smokers on the go.  The Brass Bud Bomb also breaks apart into four pieces: the mouthpiece, the helix, the main cover, and the bowl chamber. These detachable parts make it extremely easy to keep clean and maintained, with the help of some pipe cleaners or a cleaning poker.

If you’re a fan of the bud bomb helix system design but want something a bit more natural than brass, check out our Wooden Bud Bomb that functions very similarly but is made entirely out of high quality and durable wood! Stop by our store in person or order this gem online if you’re ready to step up your portable smoking setup.

Finally, do not forget to swing by either one of our three Brooklyn store locations! We have something for every smoker.