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Black and White Striped Water Pipe

Black and White Striped Water Pipe


This sleek black and white striped water pipe is sure to get the job done. It comes equipped with a handy ice-catcher, diffused downstem percolator, and a 18mm sized bowl, this waterpipe won’t let you down.

The beaker shaped body of this black and white striped water pipe provides you with more sturdiness than you’d find in a standard beaker shaped water pipe. Your lips will fit comfortably in its mouth piece which bears the same striped design as its body. You’ll find yourself taking cooler and smoother hits thanks to its nifty ice-catch and diffused downstem percolator.

Another great thing you’ll discover with this water pipe is how easy it is to clean. A thorough soak and shake with your favorite formula will remove any built up resin in your chamber. You may be wondering if this potentially can be your new best friend. Because of its large chamber you can expect large rips and easy storage. Standing at a little over 13 inches in height, but 5.5 inches in diameter at its base, you can assume that this bad boy isn’t easy to knock over. From its functionality to its stylish look, this pipe is the perfect, simple, future addition to your regular, smoking ritual.