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Baby Elephant Glass Pipe

Baby Elephant Glass Pipe

SKU: 11077

Adopt this baby elephant glass pipe and have an adorable smoking buddy for life!

Traditionally, elephants are regarded as symbols of power and longevity. The upturned trunk, a symbol of good fortune, is the mouthpiece of this baby elephant glass pipe. Hand blown with sturdy, inside out glass in varying bright colors, these baby elephants stand at about 2.5″ tall on four thick legs. The bowl piece is on its back and a carburetor can be found in place of the tail on the other end. It has a complete face too, featuring cute beady eyes, large ears, and tusks. The elephant’s body is double blown for extra thickness, and with thick solid glass attachments, the elephant can withstand some falls.

Despite being a little pipe, smoke has plenty of time to cool down through its wide body, hollow head and trunk. Our baby elephant glass pipes make an excellent gift for all kinds life milestones, from weddings to housewarmings to graduations. Or, give the gift of luck to yourself. Very functional, and very discreet!

Colors may vary slightly from those pictured.