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Aspire Replacement Coils

Aspire Replacement Coils


These Aspire replacement coils are specially designed for the Aspire series of clearomizers and glassomizers that are built with bottom vertical coils. They are an upgraded version of the traditional bottom dual coil (BDC) replacement coils. BVC is the latest innovation in atomizer technology. Bottom vertical coils feature a new and more efficient wick system made of high-quality materials. BVC configurations promise to deliver a more pure taste and more prominent flavors than those old BDC coils.


  • New bottom vertical coil design
  • Advanced wicking technology
  • Resistance: 1.6, 1.8, 2.1 ohms


For use with the following atomizer heads:
  • Aspire K1 glassomizer
  • Aspire ET
  • Aspire CE5
  • Aspire ET-S glassomizer
  • Aspire CE5-S
  • Aspire ET
  • Aspire ET-S
  • Aspire Vivi Nova-S
  • Aspire Mini Vivi Nova-S

To replace your Aspire atomizer with the new BVC coil, remove the metal bottom cap from the tank. Twist the atomizer head to detach it from the bottom cap. Screw in the new BVC coil and put the bottom cap back on to seal the tank. Take a look at this video tutorial if you need a visual aid.