CBD/HEMP Benefits: An Introduction

Introducing CBD/Hemp Products

Full-spectrum and Broad-spectrum CBD Vape Oils
The first question on everyone’s mind is “what is CBD?”. CBD is an abbreviation of the chemical which is one of the 113 chemical compounds produced by the marijuana plant and is linked to specific protein receptors in our neural pathways. This means that AS A SPECIES, we are wired for marijuana consumption.  CBD is special however in the fact that it is one of the only compounds present in the plant that is non psychoactive meaning consuming CBD will not get you high as with normal THC containing marijuana. That’s right; you read correctly CBD has little to no THC present. While some states allow for up to 3 percent THC to be present in CBD products fear not, it is a negligible concentration and should not present an issue concerning drug screenings. I know what you’re thinking…”wait if it doesn’t have THC and it won’t get me high, then what’s the point”. CBD has been marketed as a super supplement due to its links to cancer cell reduction as well as an anti anxiety remedy. The applications and uses for hemp based marijuana (non THC products) range from creams for back and muscle pain to tinctures for pets and even patients who suffer from chronic seizures. I myself use CBD in order to quell my anxiety as well as to combat some moderate to severe lower back pain I suffered from a major car accident 2 years ago. It allows me to function without the pain and forgoes the worry of getting overly giddy or distracted by the excess dopamine released from THC consumption. CBD comes in many forms and can be consumed any number of ways to achieve the desired effect. You can smoke it the classic way with one of our hemp flowers. You can vape it with one of our many ready to go CBD Cartridges, eat it with our variety of CBD edible cookies and candy, drip it with our sublingual droppers or even drink it on the go or at your leisure with our CBD Tea Bags and Gourmet Coffee.   In addition to  our regular line up of CBD products we carry in our stores Hemp Terpenes as well. Did I lose you with that one? No worries! Terpenes are the aromatic compounds that allow plants to give off their wildly unique scents including cannabis. To this most people would say “ok so they smell nice?” Well that’s not all. Just like Cannabidiol or the other compounds found in the marijuana plant, Terpenes interact with the neural receptors and in their wake can amplify the effects of both THC and CBD. This is synergistic effect is great for the treatment of mood disorders anxiety and chronic pain do to illness or injury. Beat the stress. Erase the pain. Drop in and ask a Sunflower Associate today.  

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