The Magic of the Coil-less Puffco Plus Vape Pen

Tired of your constantly cleaning and replacing your coil for your vape pen? Stress no more. The finest vape engineers have created the most hassle-free vape pen for concentrates and oils on the market. Behold the Puffco Plus vaporizer pen!

This Brooklyn-based vape pen is the ethos of stress-free and user friendly vape pens. The traditional vaporizers that use metal coils, wicks, ceramic donuts or rods or typically have some part that where wires run through the bowl which, if not perfectly sealed, may allow oil to seep into spots that may alter the taste in a undesirable, funky way. On the other hand, the Puffco Plus doesn’t even require any coil whatsoever! The beauty of the Puffco Plus design is that the heating element is placed at the bottom of the ceramic bowl, which means that the oil or concentrate will only touch ceramic. In other words, you are receiving the best, purest taste possible. Notice on your typical vape pen that the heating wire is placed in the atomizer. The Puffco Plus has the heating wire outside the of the heating chamber. Talk about innovation!

However, heating from outside the chamber presents certain challenges. Stick your oil on a metal coil and it will boil almost as hot as the metal and pretty darn quick. Ceramic has lower thermal conductivity, and since the Puffco Plus has a large chamber, evenly heating that monster bowl is not easy.

To help, the mouthpiece includes a ceramic insert that looks like a round disc with a long stalactite sticking down from it. In a recent interview, Puffco CEO Roger Volodarsky tells me this “dart” serves two main functions.

“When the dart is loaded inside the chamber, it helps keep the oil pressed against the ceramic,” says Volodarsky. “But also it provides direction for the air going through the chamber.”

The Puffco Plus takes advantage of hot air swirling over the oil, with the air path winding across the exterior of the ceramic bowl, through four small holes about halfway up the cylindrical chamber wall. The ceramic dart sends heat back down toward the oil. This convection (hot air) heat combines with the thermal conduction heat from the ceramic chamber to quickly and tastefully convert concentrates into dense-rich clouds.

Additionally, the Puffco Plus has a big bowl, and the bottom should always be covered with oil, which means this pen requires a healthy fill. Carrying a vape pen around or computing with it nearby, I’m inclined to reach for the concentrate suck-stick fairly often because it’s just so ridiculously convenient, and damn that oil tastes so flowerfully fine. With such wonderful taste and a giant bowl, the Puffco Plus could easily eat through your monthly extracts allowance. But as long as you’ve got oil to load, sweet mercy will life taste good.

Overall, we give the Puffco Plus an A+ for best guaranteed taste of your concentrates and oils with the massive convenience factor of coil-free technology. Hurry now and grab yours today at either Sunflower Glass Company locations or online here!

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